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Use the Rose Character at your Next Event

Olga Saretsky of Kikimora Studio is a performance and couture artist who created the Rose character, a living art piece that is a popular choice for live entertainment at weddings and corporate events. The Rose character started as a monochromatic white statue made of wire, fabric and foam.  The Rose dazzles with a big flower headpiece, a dress that represents the vase and the thorns, and pearl accessories representing water droplets. 

The character, now also available in red, white and peach, makes elegant slow movements reminiscent of being caressed by the wind. The performance is a work of art that is highly spiritual and uplifting. 

Versatile Usage

The Rose character from Kikimora Studio is a versatile and eye-catching costume that can be used for a variety of event entertainment and performance troupes. The costume can be worn at human-height or on stilts, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. The Rose outfit itself comes in white, red, black or can also be made in custom colors, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your event. Kikimora and the studio’s licensees have used the Rose for a variety of special events ranging from Mothers Day flower deliveries to industry conventions.

Here are some specific examples of how the Rose character has been used:

  • At a Mothers Day flower delivery event, the Rose character was used to deliver flowers to homes and businesses. The character was a hit with children and adults alike, and helped to create a festive and memorable event.
  • At an industry convention, the Rose character was used to greet attendees and promote the convention. The character was a popular attraction, and helped to generate excitement and buzz about the event.
  • At a charity event, the Rose character was used to raise money for a local organization. The character was a symbol of hope and compassion, and helped to bring people together for a good cause.

The Rose character is an effective choice when, as an event planner or performer, you are looking to create a memorable and enticing experience for your audience. Whether you are planning a special event, a marketing campaign or a charity fundraiser, the Rose character can help you to achieve your engagement goals.

Kikimora Studio now offers licensing that allows other event entertainment and performance companies to use the Rose character outfit at events in their region.

The Artist and the Studio 

Olga Saretsky is a Kazakhstan-born artist who has been influenced by her native culture and Slavic roots throughout her career. Many of her characters are derived from old fables and storybook imagery that she was exposed to as a child, and the name Kikimora itself comes from ancient regional lore.

In Slavic mythology, Kikimora is a female spirit that is said to haunt homes and cause trouble for the inhabitants. Olga’s mother nicknamed her Kikimora due to her mischievous nature as a child.  

Saretsky’s Kikimora is a reflection of her own childhood experiences. The stories she heard as a child about Kikimora and other mythical creatures stayed with her, and they have influenced her work ever since.

Kikimora Studio in Miami has developed over the years to be a full-service entertainment company that specializes in creating unique and captivating performances for weddings, corporate events, and other celebrations.

Becoming a Licensee

If you are an event planner, event entertainment company or performance studio and love the elegant aesthetics of the Rose and other characters in the repertoire, you can now deploy them at your next event! Eligible businesses and performing groups can become Kikimora Studio licensees.  If you become a licensee, you can receive the Rose character costume along with a right-of-use that allows your team to perform as the Rose character for commercial purposes.

To get started, reach out to us today via our contact form. We look forward to partnering with you!

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