12 Ways to Find Event Planning Clients

Congratulations!  Now that you are a Kikimora licensee, your next step is to go out and find event planning clients. Ideally, these would be people planning events where your team can give in-costume performances.  Depending on where you are and what sort of people and businesses are in your network, you can use a number of different methods to find customers.  

Here is a countdown of the top 12 methods of lead generation that you can use as part of your sales and marketing strategy to get new event-planning customers:

12. Reach out on social media to complementary businesses

Reaching out to complementary businesses on social media can be highly beneficial for event planners, particularly in terms of lead generation and expanding their network within the events industry. By connecting with catering companies, DJs, event venues, and other businesses that provide services to event organizers, event planners can enjoy several advantages including enhanced lead generation through referrals and recommendations, collaborative opportunities, increased visibility and brand awareness and access to industry insights and trends.

11. Publicize Testimonials

Publicizing testimonials on your website or on your business’ social media accounts is important for any business, particularly in the event entertainment industry. Testimonials provide social proof, establish trust and credibility, create emotional connections, differentiate your business from competitors and offer valuable marketing opportunities. Testimonials play a vital role in influencing potential clients’ decisions, reassuring them of the quality and reliability of your services, and ultimately increasing their comfort level in doing business with you.

10. Get listed on multiple event entertainment directories

Being listed on multiple event directories is vital for event entertainment companies. These directories offer increased online visibility, higher search engine rankings, access to a targeted audience, credibility and trust, and additional marketing channels. By establishing a presence on respected directories, event entertainment companies can improve their chances of being discovered by potential clients, enhance their online reputation, and ultimately attract more bookings and business opportunities.

9. Ask for referrals from your network

Referral marketing is a very reliable way of getting new business.  People tend to trust friends, family members and others who are not directly working for the company providing a service.  If you can get people to encourage their friends, families and acquaintances to work with you, then the effort you make in doing so will be far more productive than attempting to directly market to the prospects yourself.  

8. Target people likely to celebrate a momentous event

Event entertainment companies can employ various marketing strategies to reach individuals who are likely to celebrate momentous events. By targeting specific demographics and tailoring your marketing efforts, event entertainment companies can effectively engage with potential clients celebrating occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens/Quiceneras, marriages, births, anniversaries, house warmings and corporate events. 

7. Target a specific niche

Following the old business adage that “niches make riches,” event entertainment businesses can double down on one type of event, demographic or customer type and only market to that segment.   Finding a niche market is important for an event planning company due to several key advantages it offers. Focusing on a specific type of event or demographic allows you to develop expertise, concentrate your reputation-building efforts in one area and tailor your services to meet the unique needs and preferences of that market. 

6. Launch your event entertainment website

This may be obvious for many, but it is worth mentioning as an important step in the marketing process for any business: get your website on the Internet as soon as possible.  Make sure that the website features your team performing in costume so that potential clients can see the unique value proposition you offer.  Use video, descriptive text and imagery to ensure that visitors get an immersive experience when they visit your site.  Then be sure to include an easy-to-access contact form for interested visitors to convert into leads!  

5. Be present on social media

Being present across all major social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, is crucial for event entertainers. Each platform offers unique features and benefits that can effectively enhance an entertainer’s online presence, reach a broader audience and engage with potential clients. Being present on each platform also means being active — answering queries and engaging with the posts of your followers is just as important as regular posting.

4. Hold event pop-ups

pop-up events serve as a dynamic and engaging platform for event entertainment companies to attract new customers. By creating immersive experiences, demonstrating their expertise, generating buzz, networking, leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, and collecting leads, event entertainment companies can effectively showcase their services to a live audience. These events provide a tangible and memorable way to communicate the value and impact of their entertainment offerings, ultimately driving customer interest and engagement.

“[On social media] answering queries and engaging with the posts of your followers is just as important as regular posting.”

3. Offer experiences

Incorporating experiences into the marketing efforts of an event entertainment company offers several advantages. By leveraging platforms like Airbnb Experiences and others, the company can benefit from increased reach and exposure, credibility, and social proof. Furthermore, experiences can generate revenue as standalone events while providing opportunities for cross-promotion and upselling. By creating unique and memorable experiences, the company can differentiate itself in the market, attract new customers, and enhance its overall marketing strategy.

2. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC advertising can be a powerful tool for event entertainment companies to gain new customers. It offers targeted audience reach, increased brand visibility, immediate results and measurable return on investment. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential pitfalls, such as high costs and the need for professional expertise. By carefully planning and executing PPC campaigns, event entertainment companies can effectively leverage this advertising strategy to attract new customers and grow their business.

1. Attend industry events, wedding expos, and meetups in your area

In-person networking is a valuable strategy for building an event entertainment business as it allows you to establish meaningful connections, showcase your services, and develop a strong professional network. Effective networking goes beyond collecting business cards; it is about building genuine relationships, providing value to others, and fostering mutually beneficial connections. By actively engaging in in-person networking, you can establish a strong presence within the event entertainment industry, expand your client base, and increase opportunities for growth.

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